Sunday, June 19, 2016

Etsy Crush: Made by Perrin

Lately I've been drawn to paintings, drawings, and prints that have an illustrative quality. I really like when there are characters, stories, and other worlds implied or hinted at. An Etsy seller whose work I've noticed has this beautiful element is Made By Perrin. Besides these gorgeous prints she sells on Etsy, she also has some very cool work on her website, like these seed packets and these yiddish expressions.

Monday, March 21, 2016

huge shop update!

I am so so excited about this! After so much fun planning, creating, photographing, and posting, I finally have been able to add a whole bunch of new items to my etsy shop.

They include:
I'm really feeling the creepy black and white vibe these days! I'm inspired by how this turned out to make more sinister but lovely black and white prints.

Each of the four masks are also available individually. My Woodland Creature Mask Set has been so well received, I though it would be fun to expand on the concept and design some more masks!

Sweet and good for so many occasions!

I often have customers looking for larger quantities of masks for wedding or party favors, so I'm really stoked to finally be able to offer a 10 piece set.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

brand new pennants!

Today I listed three new lovely pennants in my etsy shop! I had so much fun making them. Each one is hand printed with my original illustrations.

The Cat Club Pennant, perfect for showing you allegiance to cats everywhere:

The Tea Time Pennant, because it's always a good time for tea:

And the Lucky One Pennant, to invite a little luck into your life. Inspired by this song:

They're also available all together in the Pennant Pack!